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$100 a day is the newest case study presented by bill hugall, if you don’t know bill and never had the change to look at one of his products. All i can say that this guy likes straight to the point methods, he cuts out all the fluff and gives you exactly what works so lets have a look of what you will get…

What are you getting?

well its a case study that shows you how to make 100 dollars a day through email marketing and building your list, it covers every aspect from how to build the entire funnel and the squeeze page to where to get the traffic and start banking immediately.

So how much will that cost you?

The price will start at $ 6.95 and this is considered the early bird price and it will last for the first 3 hours only and the it will increase during the launch so if you plan to get (i highly recommend you do) get in the first 3 hours to pay the lowest.

Lets go over the upsells really quick so you would know what to expect

Upsell 1: Done for you package ($27)
You will get 5 done for you packages including a free report, squeeze pages, thank you pages and swipe files and all you have to do is just copy whats working.
Upsell 2: Case studies ($37)
You will get in this one 5 email marketing studies with the exact blueprint of how they reached their results.
Upsell 3: Reselling rights of $100 a day ($97)
I really like this one, you know that the best thing is to have your own product and this gives you the ability to start selling this product as your own without the hassle of creating one. Sell as many copies as you can and keep all the profit.


In the end, all i can say that this is the perfect opportunity if you wants to out your feet in the door of internet marketing and from what i’ve written above, they got you covered from every way possible and the rest is one you to take action and profit.

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