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So in this post i will be reviewing desktop mailer and giving you all the information i know for and will be updating the post as we approach to the launch date which is july 10th 2016

What is desktop mailer?

Desktop mailer is a desktop based autoresponder which will allow you to send emails to unlimited email contacts from the comfort of you desktop. In my opinion this more secure and cost efficient than using other autoresponders like get response and aweber. 

what features does desktop mailer offer?

well it offers a wide variety of features and below are some of them

No web hosting
Yes and this is awesome in my opinion and it will reduce your costs significantly.
Use the email of your choice
You can use any email address you want. Free (like gmail and hotmail or paid (through a domain name).
Personalising emials
Like any other auto responder, you can personalise the email you send to your contacts.
Traking links and complete email analytics
You can track each link in your emails and you can get full reports.

how does desktop mailer work?

Once you install the application you will have to create your profile and add your servers which will depend on the email that you will choose. then you can upload your contacts and thats really it. Start the campaign and add the contacts you wish to send them emails. its just that easy.

What will you get when you buy desktop mailer?

You will be getting a copy of the software along with tutorials to walk you through and a detailed manual of how everything works.

Any OTO's?

Well you will have two versions of the software. Desktop mailer and desktop mailer pro ($29). The pro version have some extra features such as

Unlimited emial lists
In the pro version you can add unlimited email lists. On the other hand the regular version can have 1 list only with unlimited contacts.
Intelligent filters
You can use this feature if you want to exclude some of the recipients from a specific email list.
Test emails
You have the ability to test your email by ending them to one email before launching you campaign.
Creating folders
group any emails you want in one folder.
Exporting you reports and lists
Export your reports and lists in csv format.

And you have two licenses. Personal and commercial.


To end up my review, i really like that software and i'll be using it in my  business. I think its a great tool to have whether you are a marketer, just starting out in internet marketing or even if you own any other business.

For just  $20 for the personal license i personally think this is a steal and specially if you are starting out in internet marketing, you will need a list so this is a great option instead of using autoresponder such as get response and aweber which will cost you an arm and a leg.

With that being said, this is the end of my review. i'll leave a link below so you can check it for yourself. Later

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