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Today, i'll be reviewing simply viral. Lets start :) Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 9.04.19 PM

What is Simply viral and who is the creator?

Simply viral was created by Abhi DwiVedi who was responsible for some successful products like VidbuilderFX. SimplyViral is a cloud-based app that lets you create, schedule and publish highly engaging and viral content on your Facebook pages and groups on autopilot. SimplyViral sources trending and engaging content from 7 top viral content sites on the planet and lets you pick out the best piece of content for your pages and groups and lets you schedule and post them all. The 7 websites that simply viral uses are Youtube, Reddit, BuzFeed, Littlethings, upworthy, ViralNova, TeleGraph. You also have the ability to search google trends and youtube trends that also sorted by country. You can also manage your fan pages, groups and pull posts from previous pages that you liked. There is nothing else really to be said here. This is a power house and i'll leave a demo for you to check out.

Lets talk about the upsells

UPSELL #1: SimplyViral PLATINUM ($47/annually): Nothing beats the ability to do 10X more with SimplyViral PLATINUM. It comes packed with additional features and usage rights including: Unlimited FB Accounts/Pages (can create unlimited apps), Outsourcers License (create upto 5 sub accounts), Post Unlimited Content on all your pages, Link Cloaker to protect your affiliate links, Image editor to add your branding to the images. UPSELL #2: Agency Business-in-a-Box Package ($47): The agency business-in-a-box package gives you the rights and ability to use SimplyViral for your clients and start selling this as a service. With the Business-in-a-box package you get the Agency license, sales page, logo templates, Sales videos, Facebook ad templates and all scripts are included to be able to sell easily, right out of the box. UPSELL #3: BacklinkNeos Agency Edition ($37/annually): BacklinkNeos essentially helps you find Backlink opportunities that can can get you high PR, dofollow links that you can build manually for long term organic traffic and SEO. BacklinkNeos web based app that helps you focus on longterm SEO rankings and traffic without getting banned by Google. UPSELL #4: Facebook QuickStart Training ($27): Having a presence on Facebook is a must for any business owner. In this easy to follow video training you will learn how to get started with FB, setting up the pages and how to take free traffic generation to a completely whole new level. UPSELL #5: Simply Viral Resellers Program ($197)): The Resellers programs gives you the ability to become one of simply viral resellers on the affiliate network and sell SimplyViral and the entire funnel to your customers while keep 100% of the profits.

Final words

I really like that product because its a useful tool that have all the training that teaches your how to use it. which is a good thing. (your are not left alone) Whether you get the single site license for $27 or the multi-site license for $32, it's a good deal But Please buy it only if you really want it. don't waste your money on something your are not interested in. Its a tool that will help you make money, it won't make money by itself so choose wisely. With that being said, Thanks you for reading and i'll catch you in the next review.

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