Snap reviews pro review

Here you will find my review of snap reviews pro

What is snap reviews pro?

It's a Wordpress plugin that will allow you to create all types of review pages such as product review, service review, places review and affiliate review pages. Training material is included as well to make it easier and get you started as soon as possible.

Is snap reviews pro different than any other page builder of that type?

Yes it is and its packed with a ton of features, when you get it you will have access to the below.

Templates: fully customisable templates that include progress bars, star ratings, overall score and call to action.

Drag and drop: You have full control to organise the layout as you require

Shema compliant: This is very important which means that your pages will be displayed in google with star ratings which will definitely give you a boost.

Timer: You have the ability to add scarcity to your reviews and when its combined with call to action that can do wonders!

short codes and buttons: You can easily customise the buttons with the way you like it and you can add short does as well.

Whose behind snap reviews pro?

Stephen gilbert and greg kononenko (well known names in this industry) the creators of many successful products, the most recent was sinfiltrator which was a huge success.

How much is it going to cost you?

Well it varies which means you will have what suits you and its between 27 to 47$.

What are you going to get?

You will be getting the plugin along with the training that shows you how they were able to successfully build review pages and generate an income stream and build a list.


now at this point you will have the question that comes to your mind each time you see a product. should i buy it?

Well that my friend depends on you and your goals. In my opinion its a good product and it does have the potential to make you money but the main question is are you going to use it?! (invest in what you will use)

The bottom line to end my snap reviews pro review. The product is good and its a good tool to have on your side. its really good for beginners that want to get their feet wet in this industry. You can build an affiliate review site and use this plugin to create your reviews along with some proper SEO and your done with an income stream. That was a basic way of many others to use it.

With that said, my review is over. See you next time.

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