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Lets go over vidizi :)
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What is Vidizi and who is the creator?

Vidizi is created by Jimmy Kim who created pixel studio FX and Viffy which was 2 successful  and quality products. Vidizi is a push button video software that lets anyone regardless of tech skills or experience creates highly engaging and high converting videos for their social media and advertising in a matter of minutes. Leveraging Facebook's 15 second video recommendation, Vidizi is loaded with exclusive video and audio - that's 100% unique and license-free, plus the ability to upload your own videos and audio as well It also features a very customizable experience with tex, colors, and looks. Check out the demo below. I'll leave 2 videos below from the templates found in Vidizi.
If you want to check a demo of how Vidizi works. You will find it below ;)

Lets check the OTO's

Vidizi Pro Video Club ($98): You will get 400 Exclusive Custom Marketing Videos plus 100 Royality Free Music Pack as a bonus. Facebook Video Mastery ($97): Teaches you step by step how we turned $2,300 ad spend to $52,000 in sales!.

Final words:

This is a great tool to use if your are interested in social media marketing and as you know and i've said it before that Facebook video ads are on fire these days and they convert really well so its a good opportunity to hop in.

Note: If you didn't read my Video ads mastery review, Be sure to check it out. I think it will be a great combo with this tool. Later

Check out Vidizi

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